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pagans + christians = funny

K. customers_suck, aside from being full of over-sensitive wankers and managed by the ultimate worst moderator ever, has the most hilarious post/comment threads right now. So go. Read. Laugh mightily.

Post Uhm... wha!?, roannachan
CL: Oh and... *points to the Psalm thingy at the bottom of the page* Can we change this to just regular print (it was in a nice script font). See cuz, it's the Bible. You can't use cursive for the Bible. There's no cursing, it's God's words, so you can't use cursive.
Me: *blinkblink*

asterix_pop You should totally hex her.
lots42 I thought Pagans don't -do- hexes.
asterix_pop Depends what version they are. 2.0 and up have the hex feature.
smut_queen Dammit, I'm only version 1.05. :(

twinsais but the fact is, you don't USE demons. You ask nicely, you beg, you cajole, and finally, you command, but when it comes right down to it, you end up doing way more for them than they do for you. And like the worst customers in existence, they expect you to be grateful for the privilige of being kicked around by them. However, when all is said and done, I'd much rather work with them than with angels.
Angels are just pricks.

amadruadaboleyn Or pee on them.
Say it's a baptism.

dbaxdevilsfan Ya know, I hope that one of these days God tells one of these idiots to go out & kill all the other God Warriors, because they're getting the message all wrong.
asterix_pop God did this, he told all the muslims one thing and all the christians another, and he's sitting up there on a cloud laughing his ass off as we speak.
neaira So what did he tell the Jews? Or are they all up there laughing with him, since we're God's chosen people and all.
starknightgoku "Oy, let them do their thing already!"
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