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Faith Like Whoa

because "Religions Like Whoa" was too long

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Religion is definitely a fandom.

Inspired by islam_like_whoa, and this thread on Journalfen's otf_wank, there's now a place for you to discuss matters of any faith (or the lack of it) in a light-hearted, non-serious manner.

Rest of userinfo stolen from islam_like_whoa OMG

The Rules:

* All matters spoken in this community are not meant to be taken seriously. Chill, y0.

* No hate.

* No mocking.

* No preaching.

* No putting others down.

* Disapprove of anything? You don't have to read it. Disagreement is fine, but be civil about it.

* Don't expect The Deep and The Meaningful here.

* Be silly, but not stupid.

Your mods are divabat, matcha and bella_azzurri. Not sure about posting something? Check with us!! Otherwise, happy wanking.